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Church Council and our Ministry Teams

Church Council Members

  • Mary Soehren- Council President - Stewardship/Memorials and Endowment
  • Tom Riedman- Council Vice President - Personnel
  • Ann Nobriga- Council Secretary - Worship and Music
  • Jean Unger- Treasurer
  • Elaine Graf- Evangelism
  • Gregory Synstelien- Social Concerns
  • Patsy Gilbertson- Cemetary
  • Mike Huesman- Youth Ministry
  • Ralph (Red) Braaten- Buildings and Grounds
  • Doris Haukebo- Christian Education
  • Jim Carpenter- Auction
  • Ray Hahn- Fellowship and Small Groups
  • Carole Skalsky- Global Missions
  • Rebecca Dagen- Youth Council Representative

*Council members can be contacted through the church office - 218.532.2694 - clchurch@loretel.net

Global Missions
Mission Statement:
  • The mission of the Global Mission Ministry Team is to make recommendations for and to work toward supporting global missions. This ministry team seeks to serve in response to God's love to meet human needs with global awareness, advocating dignity and justice for all people, working for peace and reconciliation among the nations and standing with the poor and powerless, and committing itself to their needs.
  • This ministry team will meet monthly, as needed, the Wednesday before the Congregation Council meeting scheduled for that month. The chairperson of this ministry team and/or the council representative shall decide when it is necessary to meet, the date and time of the meeting, and notify all members of the meetings.
  • This ministry team will review the requests for global financial assistance sent to this congregation from various entities and decide if and how they want to respond. Yearly they shall submit a budget request to the Congregation Council the amount of funds they would like available for this ministry team for both distribution of various approved requests for global financial support as well as for expenses incurred for any fund raising project that they have submitted to and has been approved by the Congregation Council.
  • Even though this ministry team may decide not to support a certain financial request or project by contributing money set aside in the congregational budget, this will not prevent the ministry team from providing information to the congregation so that individual members can decide for themselves if they wish to support such financial request or project.

Youth Ministry
Mission Statement:
  • To engage our youth in all aspects of worship, service, fellowship and discipleship within the congregation of Cormorant Lutheran Church preparing them for their future within the church.
  • Coordinate the confirmation ministry of CLC.
  • Oversee youth programming to maintain balance in terms of Christian education, worship, fellowship, service and discipleship.
  • Encourage youth as part of the congregation to participate in the life of the congregation.
  • Promote within the congregation awareness of the youth ministry and opportunities, needs and possibilities for intergenerational ministry.
  • Enable the youth to see themselves as a part of the church through participation in local, synod and national youth ministry opportunities as is feasible.
  • To assist and coordinate any staffing/committee needs in regard to the youth ministry of CLC.

Social Concerns
Mission Statement:
  • The Social Concerns Ministry Team develops and promotes programs which help to meet the needs of the general welfare of our members and the community.
  • This ministry team meets as needed. The chairperson of this ministry team and/or the council representative shall decide when it is necessary to meet, the date and time of the meeting, and notify all members of the meetings.
  • This ministry team reviews the requests for financial assistance sent to this congregation from our local community and decides if and how they want to respond.
  • They submit a budget request to the Church Council for the amount of funds they would like available for this ministry team for both distribution of various approved requests for local financial support as well as for expenses incurred for any fund raising project that they have submitted to and has been approved by the Congregation Council.
The ministry team is currently involved with the following organizations/projects:

Buildings and Grounds
Mission Statement:
  • To oversee and/or take care of necessary maintenance of the church building and grounds.
  • To provide ongoing maintenance to the building and grounds as necessary.
  • To respond to problems that develop throughout the year in the building, parking area and property.
  • To plan scheduled maintenance.
  • To bring future needs in the building, parking, cemetery and property to the attention of the church council for their consideration.

Stewardship/Memorials and Endowment
Mission Statement:
  • This ministry team shall be responsible for managing funds invested by the Congregation and shall be responsible for providing the congregation with information on stewardship, statistics on congregational giving, and a program for teaching stewardship, screening of all funding requests which come to the church and make appropriate recommendations to the church council, and communicate with the congregation as to financial needs for which memorial monies can be used.

Mission Statement
  • The purpose of our ministry is to record, catalog, and file written materials, printed papers, film and videos, pictures, photographs, legal documents and other archival material relevant to CLC.
  • Record, store and display CLC historical events, to include:
    • Serving Pastors
    • Baptisms
    • Confirmations
    • Weddings
    • Funerals
    • and major church events

Worship and Music
Mission Statement:
  • Choose music in cooperation with the pastors, assign ushers, greeters, lay readers and communion servers. Discuss and handle all worship needs. Plan all holiday worship services.
  • Plan all aspects of worship services in conjunction with the Pastor including:
    • Time of worship
    • Equipment
    • Decorations
    • Arrange re-enactments (Live nativity, Jesus riding donkey, etc.)
    • Special music
    • Candle light services
    • Approve special handouts
  • Evaluate the success of services and plan for future services.
  • Identify maintenance/technical problems as they relate to the worship experience and refer them to the appropriate persons for repair.
  • Communicate with service group chair regarding ushers, greeters and communion servers.
  • Plan and coordinate special music events.
  • Identify music or worship staffing needs and make recommendations to the council.
  • Additional responsibilities include:
    • Bell choir
    • Senior choir
    • Contemporary band
    • Children's choir

Christian Education
Mission Statement:
  • The Christian Education Ministry Team is charged with providing opportunities for all members of the congregation to grow in their Christian faith through learning experiences.
  • Recruit and train teachers for the Sunday School and other Christian Education activities.
  • Recommend candidates for Sunday School Superintendent to the Congregation Council.
  • Helps to plan Bible Study groups and other opportunities for Christian Education for all ages.
  • Evaluates the Christian Education program on a regular basis and makes recommendations as needed

  • The Cemetery Committee oversees the development, management, care and preservation of the Cormorant Lutheran Church Cemetery. The Committee consists of six members elected at the annual meeting of the Congregation for three year terms. A seventh member of the Committee is an elected member of the Church Council appointed by the council at it's annual organizational meeting.
  • A Sexton is appointed by the Cemetery Committee whose duties are to:
    • Assign cemetery plots or Columbarium niches
    • Mark plots
    • Keep records
    • Oversee the general upkeep of the cemetery
  • Memorials and gifts given to the Cemetery Fund may be designated in two areas:
    • General Fund used for upkeep, improvements and day to day expenses
    • And Perpetual Care Fund in which only the interest earned may be used for cemetery upkeep and improvements

Mission Statement:
  • The purpose of our ministry is to establish relationships in our community by reaching out to members and non-members of Cormorant Lutheran Church.
  • Follow up with visitors and extend an invitation to join our Christian family
  • Christian witness to neighbors and friends
  • Act as Cormorant Lutheran Ambassadors
  • Encourage members to return to active membership
  • Coordinate new member Sundays

  • Review staff job descriptions and functions and revise as necessary.
  • Review compensation of pastoral and lay staff members in relation to comparable salary ranges for similar positions in the area.
  • Study the current benefit package and make recommendation for change, if appropriate.
  • Assist the senior pastor, at his request, in annually reviewing the job performance of each staff member and making recommendations with regard to the merit of such performance.
  • Make recommendations for salary and benefit changes in connection with the preparation of the annual budget.
  • Assure that funding is planned and appropriated for pastoral study leave.
  • Review and update the employee handbook and assure that staff members are in compliance with such policies.
  • Maintain confidential personnel files on each salaried staff member.
  • Promote continuing education for all staff members.
  • Serve in an advisory capacity to the senior pastor and the Congregation Council in regard to personnel issues.

Fellowship and Small Groups
Mission Statement:
  • The purpose of our ministry is to nurture and expand new opportunities for fellowship within the church family, and aid in the spiritual growth of our members.
  • To plan activities that will include all ages of the congregation to participate in fun events.
  • To reach out to new members by inviting them to events or activities planned by the team.
  • To plan activities that will allow working people to participate in the events.
  • To plan events that will promote joy and bonding within the congregation and community.
  • To plan events that will bring spiritual growth within our members.

Mission Statement: