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Annual Cormorant Church Auction and Rummage Sale

By the early 1990's, the membership of Cormorant Lutheran Church had grown to the point that the old church building could no longer support our membership. The Sanctuary was too small. Sunday school was held in the basement. The kitchen was small and outdated. Parking was inadequate. Plus many other problems associated with trying to fit too many people into too small of a building.

So, the members of the church decided it was time for a new building. But there was a question of finances. How would we pay for this new structure? One of the ways we came up with to raise funds was to hold an auction. Members of the church would donate items to be auctioned off and the proceeds would go to help pay off the mortgage.

And thus, in 1995, our famous Cormorant Lutheran Church Auction was born. And it far exceeded our wildest expectations. With items being donated not just by the members of the church, but also with very generous donations by non-members, we were able to pay off our mortgage in record time.

We decided to continue the auction, but now we would use the money generated not just for Cormorant Lutheran Church, but also for outside use. At present, the proceeds are divided as follows; 30% church projects, 30% local missions, 30% global missions and 10% Cormorant Lutheran Church Endowment.

2017 Auction and Rummage sale info;
Rummage sale Friday, July 14 and Saturday, July 15
Auction sale Saturday, July 15
ALL held on the church property.
Now accepting donations – contact the church office for drop off times. 218-532-2694.

*Thanks to John and Gary Villiard and the staff of John Villiard Auction Service, who have donated their time every year since the beginning. Thanks to everyone who has donated their time and talents to help put each Auction together. Thanks to everyone who has ever donated items, and the biggest thanks of all go to everyone who has ever bid on an item or bought items from our rummage sale.

CLCW Annual Spring Salad Luncheon

Picture of a salad

Come, Celebrate Spring at Cormorant Lutheran, enjoy fellowship, music, and lunch featuring a variety of homemade salads and desserts!



Annual Pork BBQ

May 26, 2017 - 5:00 to 7:00 PM

Start your Memorial weekend out right by coming to our Annual Pork Barbecue at Cormorant Lutheran Church. Bring your family and friends and enjoy our food without all the work.

Menu (2012)

  • Barbecued Pork on Buns
  • Coleslaw
  • Chips
  • Homemade Pie
  • Coffee
  • Lemonade

*All monies will go toward the Cormorant Lutheran Church Women's gifts to many charitable organizations in the area.

Garbage Can Party and Motorcycle Run

I know, I know!!! I can hear you saying it!

"Vat da heck is a garbage can party?"

The short version ... pre-cooked meats such as brats, hot dogs, etc. steamed in a pot together with fresh garden vegetables, all served with salads, coffee, and lemonade. Then the meal is followed by deserts like pie and ice cream. All of this while socializing with your friends and neighbors.

Doesn't that sound like a great meal?

"Yeah, but, garbage can?"

Ok, ok, when we first started, our cooking container really was a garbage can. New, of course, cleaned and disinfected. Boiling water in the bottom, then a grate, then the meat and veggies were steamed on the grate. Perfection! Now we use kettles. The same type of kettles used for those big turkey fryers. And everything still tastes delicious.

The Motorcycle run takes place a couple hours before dinner. The run is approximately 100 miles and we ride throughout the lakes area. We generally stop for ice cream or a shake somewhere along the ride. And we never take the same route twice.

The date hasn't been set for this year yet, but normally this takes place in late August.

So, keep an eye out here for the date and time. Then come and join us. And if you're a Biker, make sure and bring your ride.

Game Days and Nights

For those of us left behind by the 'Snowbirds', the winter can start to get long and cold. When the winter 'blahs' and 'blues' start to set in, then it's time to cheer up our souls and warm up our bodies by playing some games and enjoying the fellowship of our friends and neighbors.

Come and join us for afternoons and evenings of fun and fellowship, and of course, coffee and goodies.