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Summer Outdoor Worship

Summer Praise Bands

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Beginning Memorial Day Weekend and continuing all summer through Labor Day weekend, our Contemporary service moves outside. It takes place on the lawn on the east side of the church. You'll see our stage out there.

The service is led by various Contemporary music groups and individuals from throughout the area. This is an informal service with a come as you are attitude, wear your shorts and t-shirts and bring your family and neighbors, including your pets. Bring your own chairs or simply use a blanket. We also have a few chairs you can use on a first come first serve basis. Oh, and don't forget your singing voice.

In case you're wondering, service isn't cancelled because of rain. We simply move back inside. And even though we might be inside, we are still informal.

We look forward to seeing you out there. Service starts at 10:00 AM.

BeFriender Program

The BeFrienders

BeFrienders (volunteer lay ministers) provide pastoral care to people in difficult and transitional situations, such as illness, loneliness, or loss of a loved one. They embody the caring presence of God and of the community and serve as a living reminder of God's love. BeFrienders are trained to provide a listening presence to others, not to be experts in whatever situation they might encounter. The core concepts and skills learned enable a BeFriender to enter into any situation and provide compassionate, empathic care. BeFrienders can be called upon in crisis situations just as they would be in non-crisis situations. Whatever the circumstances of the person being befriended, a BeFriender can be a companion.

BeFrienders accept people as they are without telling them how they should be, listen with compassion without giving advice, and allow others to make their own decisions without trying to decide for them. By providing spiritual and emotional care, BeFrienders provide an opportunity for those they befriend to make choices and to grow.

If you are interested in having a BeFriender visit you, please contact Pr. Wade

Casa De Fe


Casa de Fe 2013

Years ago, Patti Sue Arnold came to Ecuador with a mission sending agency to help rebuild wheelchairs. Using her mechanics background from 20 years of U.S. Army service, Patty Sue enjoyed her project. However, there was something else pulling at her...........orphaned children.

image of Patti Sue Image of some kids

Patti Sue served her short term mission by fixing wheel chairs but felt moved to begin working with orphaned children. Oftentimes, parents from the jungle will bring special needs children into the city and ask someone to take care of them because they simply can't do it where they live. Patti Sue started with a foster child. And then she began taking many abandoned children – currently 54 of them.

Through the years, Casa de Fe, located in the heart of Shell, has been operating under very simple conditions.  The school that was previously home to many of her children and infants—were crammed into a 2,700 square-foot building.  Last year a 7,000 square-foot facility was completed and currently the entire school and children are located at that site. One of the long term goals is to allow these children to live in a more family oriented environment by building 8 individual "casas" or homes that will house eight to ten children and a caregiver.

Cormorant Lutheran held their annual meeting and voted overwhelmingly in favor of the recommendation of the Global Mission Ministry Team that CLC approve the goal of raising the cost of a "casa" for the orphanage campus. This is a three to four year goal of raising $40,000 for one casa and these funds are to be raised through use of some of the auction monies designated to global missions (30% of the auction proceeds are designated to global ministry in 2012 as it was for 2011), fund raisers like the "Ecuadorian Meal", etc., and other congregations will be approached to join this goal.


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Quilting is the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month. It's a day of fun, fellowship, eats and doing some quilting. We work for a while then break for coffee and chit chat at 10:00, where we may discuss a variety of topics with a little feedback from the guys who show up, too. Quilt tops are made at home, then some people put the quilts together, some tie them with yarn, some sew and do other projects. We finish at noon with a delicious potluck lunch.

Our quilts go various agencies, both locally and around the world, such as The Lakes Crisis and Resource Center, Lutheran World Relief and Casa De Fe. In addition, each of our High School graduating seniors is presented with a quilt.

Food Shelves

Cormorant Lutheran Church also supports the food pantries in both Pelican Rapids, and Detroit Lakes. This support is in the form of monthly food and cash donations. We also occasionally have special fund raisers for the food pantries.

The phone number for the Pelican Rapids food shelf is (218) 863-3663. The phone number for The Becker County food pantry (located in Detroit Lakes) is (218) 846-0142. Please call one of these numbers for their hours and for driving directions.