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Senior Choir - Director: Delaine Struble

Photo of the members of the Senior Choir

The senior choir usually sings every Sunday, Easter through Christmas Eve. We practice every Wednesday night for about an hour at 7:00 pm. We welcome new members.

Voices of Praise - Director: Bonnie Sandvik

Photo of the members of Voises of Praise

Voices of Praise sings Spring through early Winter.

Bell Choir - Director: Carole Skalsky

Photo of the members of the Bell Choir

The Cormorant Lutheran Church handbell choir practices Wednesdays from 5–6 p.m. and performs usually on the second Sunday of each month, May through October. If you are looking for a unique way to get involved, please join us. It's an opportunity to meet new people and share beautiful music with our Cormorant Lutheran Church family.

Contact info: carue@hotmail.com

Joyful Noise - Director: Gladys Hovland

Photo of the members of Joyful Noise

Joyful noise is a contemporary group. We help lead the contemporary service from the week after Labor Day through the week before Memorial Day. Our practice is at 8:00 pm Wednesday evenings. Between Christmas and Easter we move our practice back one hour to 7:00 pm. We always welcome new members and are especially on the lookout for members who can play an instrument.

Harmony HIMS - Director: Skip Olson

Photo of the members of Harmony Himms

Harmony HIMS is an a cappella men's quartet. We are an outreach group. We sing throughout the area at various churches, nursing homes, and special events.